Progress Update

This week weapon effects (str,dex,speed) got added to the combat equations. Weapon recipes often add these kinds of buffs/debuffs so it was important to tie it back to combat. I have one more chunk of item effects that need to be implemented before I can call this release feature complete (thought not yet content complete).

On the bugfix side of things, I fixed an issue regarding turn order and animation effects which as a side effect introduced a huge performance improvement. Monsters would take their after the first animation frame had passed. This became an issue for ranged weapons as often times the monsters would move out of the way before the animation would trigger combat. The fix was to defer the monster and environment turn until after the first set of animations completed. Even on non-animation rounds the sequences now goes player turn, render-frame, monster turn, render frame. The player get the immediate feedback and combat animations make a little more sense with the player striking the defender and then the defender retaliating.

My priorities for next week are finishing weapon effects, bugfixes, and content. :)

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